Track Order and Estimate Delivery time

Estimate Delivery time:

Our shipping service covers 254 countries, and we provide two main shipping methods,  ePacket and Standard shipping, any orders can be tracked by both shipping methods.

Here are Delivery Time in last 60 days of ePacket and Standard Shipping method for most countries below:

Tracking order:

Please tracking your order at tracking order page.

or go to my account page, and check your order, and you will find the tracking order button beside orders.

FAQs upon Shipping

1. What is the different between ePacket and Standard Shipping?

ePacket is more fast, which is provided by China Post, and it is more fast that Standard Shipping.

The China Post officially announced that it will take 7-30 days to delivery orders in the countries which the shipping service covered.

Standard shipping service is provide by both China shipping carriers and the carriers of destination countries. Usually, it takes 16-35 days to delivery order.

2.How to understand Standard Shipping?

It is much cheaper than ePacket, and there are enough space/capacity to collect goods/orders, but it will only depart at the set time everyday, so, it is a little slow than ePacket.  Since the goods by ePacket service will depart immediately once the capacity limit is reached and also depart within a short set period time.

3.How do you caculate the shipping cost?

The shipping carriers charge the shipping cost by Weight or Dimensions subject the different products. For the products on our site, they usually change by weights.

4.Why the shipping cost is different for same size products?

Simple answer is, because of different weight according to different product main materials although the products are same size.  please refer to the QA #3 above.

Also, the shipping carriers charge by the weights of shipping packages, not only by the weights of products, so there are always several different shipping classes.

Since the shipping cost is charged by shipping carriers not by us,  and we are always keeping negotiate with shipping carriers for cheapest shipping cost for you.

For best customer service, we launched a community on our site,  should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know by click herewe are always glad to answer your questions.